Mongolia – Golden Eagle Festival

Day 01:  Ulaanbaatar 
          Flight to Ulaanbaatar 
Day 02: Arrival in Ulaanbaatar (L/D)
Begin of services
  • Arrival at the airport of Ulaanbaatar. An agent of our company already waits for you and will transfer you to the hotel. After you got your room keys you have time to rest.
  • Lunch in a restaurant.
  • Afterwards sightseeing in Ulaanbaatar. Starting at Mongolia’s largest remaining monastery and religious centre of the country, the Gandan Hiid. It was founded in the 17th century. Until the 19th century it only consisted of gers and its location was not exactly defined. In the main temple of the monastery, which was not destroyed by the communists, you will see the golden statue of Megjid Janraisig, the Buddha of compassion. He is the patron saint of Mongolia.
  • Visit of the Fine Arts Museum with unique items from 4000 years of Mongolian art.
  • Continue with a roundtrip through the city. Visit of Sukhbaatar square and Zaisan Memorial, from where you’ll have a wonderful view over the city.
  • Dinner in a restaurant. Overnight stay in hotel. 
Day 03: Province Bayan Ulgii (B/L/D) 
  • After breakfast transfer to the airport and domestic flight to Ulgii (08.30-12.00 am).
  • Transfer from Ulgii airport to the hotel with offroad-vehicle.
  • Ulgii is inhabited by Muslim Kazakhs and therefore differs from other Mongolian cities.
  • After lunch visit of the province museum with a variety of exhibits from historical ages and a collection of prepared animals.
  • Then visit of the Mosque and the Madrassa (Islamic school) of Ulgii. The mosque is the Islamic centre of Mongolia. Its extraordinary gate is traditionally directed to Mekka.
  • The biggest mosque of the city was rebuilt in the 90s like the Buddhistic monasteries in the country. Visit of the local bazar, where you can see a lot of beautiful Kazakh carpets.
  • Overnight stay in local country hotel. 
Day 04: Opening ceremony of the Golden Eagle Festival (B/L/D) 
  • Breakfast in country hotel.
  • Visit of the Golden Eagle Festival. Enjoy the program of the festival.
  • You’ll see the parade of about 250 eagle hunters on their horses with their eagles on their arms. Each hunter will demonstrate how good his eagle obeys his orders. The eagles are waiting on a rock near the festival ground and are called by their owners, who are standing in the valley below. In the evening the contest of the amblers takes place, a very exciting scenery.
  • During the breaks you should take a walk over the local hills and meet the local nomads, who can tell you about the training of the eagles.
  • Dinner.
  • Afterwards Kazakh concert with traditional singing and dancing.
  • Overnight stay in ger-camp. 
Day 05: Continuation of the festival (B/L/D) 
  • After breakfast in the camp return to the festival ground. You will be introduced to the local traditions and the hunting equipment, which is used for the eagle huntings.
  • After lunch you’ll go to the fox- and hare-hunting with specially trained eagles. The golden eagles show their speed and agility. Each eagle has to land as fast as possible on the skin of a fox, which is dragged by a horse, and grab it. Also watch other Kazakh games as the “Aitis” – a poetry duel, the “Kyzkuar” – a dating game played on horseback or “Kokpar” – a wild game played on horseback with a goatskin.
  • In the evening you will be invited to a Kazakh festivity.
  • Overnight stay in hotel. 
Day 06: Hunt with the Golden Eagle (B/L/D) 
  • After breakfast you’ll follow the Kazakhs as they hunt. Meet hunters, their families and their eagles and learn about their hunting techniques, trainings and about the use of eagles as hunters.
  • The Kazakhs are the only nomads who still keep up the old tradition of hunting with the Golden Eagle. In the springtime young female eagles are caught and trained for hunting. When the winter comes the eagles are released into the wildness to keep up the balance of the natural cycle.
  • In the evening you can watch the stars in the beautiful sky.
  • Dinner and overnight stay in camp. 
Day 07: Return flight Ulgii – Ulaanbaatar – Terelj (B/L/D) 
  • Breakfast in camp, return to Ulgii.
  • Lunch. Transfer to local airport.
  • Flight to Ulaanbaatar. Transfer to Terelj.
  • Dinner and overnight stay in ger-camp in Terelj. 
Day 08: Terelj (B/L/D) 
  • Terelj is a lovely place among cliffs, rivers and forests. It is located in the Khan Khentii National Park. About hundred years ago crystals and jewels were discovered in this area. In 1960 a crystal with 7.5 tons of weight was found! Since 1993 the 2.864 sq km of the Gorkhi-Terelj area is protected by the state. Explore unique rock formations as the Turtle Rock or a formation that looks like a book-reading man.
  • Opportunity to walk through edelweiss meadows. The Terelj river flows from the Asralt Khairhan mountain into the Tuul river.
  • Transfer to Ulaanbaatar and dinner.
  • Overnight stay in hotel. 
Day 09: Return flight
End of services
  • Last breakfast in Mongolia.
  • Transfer to the airport.
  • Return flight


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