Travel in Mongolia

1. Day: Ulaanbaatar (B/L/D) 
  • Arrival at Ulaanbaatar International Airport. Our tour guide will be awaiting you.
  • Transfer to the hotel. You will have some time to refresh yourself before the breakfast. After the breakfast you will start the city tour. On this tour you will visit the Sukhbaatar-Square, the Parliament, the “Peace Bridge”, the “Mongol Costume Museum” (traditional Mongolian clothing from the different centuries).
  • Lunch at a traditional Mongolian restaurant, Mongolian Barbecue.
  • After the lunch you will also visit the Bogd Khan’s Palast Museum. Built between 1893 and 1903, this palace was initially the Winter Palace of the Bogd Khan, the last Khan of Mongolia Bogdo Javzundamba VIII. Various Buddhist cultural relics and the private collection of the Bodg Khan are displayed in this complex of buildings and temples. Some of the items have been gifts from the tutors and foreign ambassadors for the Bogd Khan. The displayed art, made by Mongolian, Tibetan and Chinese artist in the 18th and 19th centuries, shows mostly the Buddhist Pantheon.
  • In the early evening you will have a great panoramic view at Ulaanbaatar City from the Zaisan-Hill.
  • Dinner in a local Restaurant and overnight at the Hotel. 
2. Day: Ulaanbaatar – Undurkhaan (Center of the Province Hentii Aimag) (B/L/D) 
  • Breakfast at the Hotel.
  • Travel to Undurkhaan for approx. 260 km on a Mongolian Freeway.
  • The Hentii Aimag ist the birthplace of the “Man of the Millennium“, Genghis Khan.
  • Many places here are related to his legacy. And you will witness the Half-Steppe landscape where once the great Khan’s horse riders shake the earth and where now their heirs still live the nomadic live.
  • You will travel through the “Land of the Khan”, where the evening winds can be strong as a several thousand men army, and where the morning is as beautiful and pure as the queens of the Great Khan.
  • Visiting the local museum.
  • Dinner and overnight at a modest local Hotel (no star) 
3. Day: Ulaanbaatar – Undurkhaan (Center of the Province Hentii Aimag) (B/L/D) 
  • After the breakfast travel to Baruun Urt (850m altitude) approx. 200km off Road.
  • This ist he Land of legendary fast horses and the famous masters of the Daringanga Style. The Dariganga Style is an unmatched handmade Artwork used on silver cups, saddles, coral and jade tobacco-containers, airag-bowls with silver decorations and other accessories form men and horses. These pieces of art are considered to be the most beautiful and expensive accessories for traditional Mongolian lifestyle.
  • A lunch break at a local inn with typical Mongolian dishes.
  • Visiting a Horsebreeder family. You can also taste the traditional mongolian fermented horsemilk called “Airag“.
  • The local museum is a must see for every visitor. It was build in 1949 and has only 7 rooms, despite the size it has over 4000 exhibits from the Mesozoic age, 180 million years old fossils of animals and plants, tools and items of local inhabitants from the stone and bronze age, antique gold and silver coins, historic and cultural relics from the inglorious 13th century and also traditional clothing in the Dariganga Style.
  • Visiting the “Erdenemandal Hiid” Monastery. The Monastery was built over 200 years ago. It once was home to over 1500 Buddhist monks within the 9 ornate Temple buildings. The Monastery is being added a 108 white Stupas to express the cultural and religious importance.
  • Dinner and overnight at a local modest hotel („no star“). 
4. Day: Baruun Urt (B/L/D) 
  • After the breakfast you will visit the local Museum.
  • Now you time to collect impressions of the picturesque landscape and to hold for a moment to enjoy your whereabout.
  • After the lunch you will visit a horsebreeder family who live the nomadic way of life just like hundreds of years ago.
  • You will also have a chance to visit an expert artisan of the famous Dariganga Style.
  • Dinner and overnight at a local modest hotel (“no star”) 
5. Day: Dariganga Region (B/L/D) 
  • After the breakfast travel to the Dariganga region. The region is famous for its unique landscape where the sand dunes of the great desert Gobi is merging to the the stepp landscape of mongolia. Furthermore it is a place of silversmiths and blacksmiths famous throughout Mongolia for their own “Dariganga Style”.
  • Arrival at the Ger Camp where you will have lunch and some practice time on Mongolian horseback for the riding trip next day.
  • Dinner and overnight in the Ger Camp. 
6. Day: Altan Ovoi and Ganga Nuur Lake (B/L/D) 
  • After an early breakfast travel to the Altan Ovoi (Golden Hill), a wide former crater topped by a new Stupa, which only men are allowed to visit. The Stupa was built in 1990 on top of the ruins of the original Bat Tsagaan stupa, which was built in 1820 and destroyed in 1937.
    In the area around Altan Ovoo, there are dozens of balbal. According to local tradition, you should place an offering of food in the cup help in the statue’s left hand.
  • Horesback riding tour to the memorial statue of “Toroi Bandi” a historic person who can be compared to “Robin Hood” with many legends and stories around  his persona.
  • Picnic lunch on the way.
  • Further tour on horseback to the Ganga Nuur Natural Reserve approx. 20km. There are 3 main lakes in the Reserve: Kholboo Nuur, Tsagaan Nuur, Ganga Nuur. It is a perfect opportunity to have a refreshing swim in the clear water of the lakes. Between August and late October, the Ganga Nuur lake is home to thousands of migrating swans before they travel to the south for the coming winter.
  • Dinner and overnight at the Gangan Nuur Natural Reservat in tents. 
7. Day: Ganga Nuur and Taliin Agui (“Steppe Caves”) (B/L/D) 
  • After the breakfast horeseback tour around the magnificent lake Ganga Nuur.
  • This day is dedicated to horsebackriding through the marvelous landscapes of the Gobi sand dunes.
  • Picnic lunch on the raod.
  • In the evening arrival at the pick up point, where you will be driven to the Ger Camp at the Taliin Agui by car (approx. 60km).
  • Dinner and overnight at camp. 
8. Day: Shiliin Bogd Mountain and Budariin Chuluu (B/L/D) 
  • After an early breakfast, travel to the Shiliin Bogd Mountain. A mountain which is believed to be holy for Mongolians. Only men are to climb up to the top and claim to be reborn as a real man. You will witness a magnificent sunrise from the mountain.
  • From the top of the mountain you will have a great look at the surrounding landscape and on clear day you can see the border of China.
  • Picnic lunch on the road.
  • Travel to Budariin Chuluu from Shiliin Bogd Mountain.
  • Dinner and overnight at the Budariin Chuluu in tents. 
9. Day: Budariin Chuluu, Ongon Sum, Shar Burd (B/L/D) 
  • After the breakfast drive around the Budariin Chuluu. On the way we will travel through the Ongon Sum.
  • Lunch on the road.
  • Arrival at Ger Camp at the Shard Burd.
  • Dinner and overnight in the Ger Damp. 
10. Day: Baruun Urt, Hentii (B/L/D) 
  • After breakfast travel back to Baruun Urt.
  • Lunch on the road.
  • Arrival at Hentii.
  • Dinner and overnight in Hentii. 
11. Day: Hentii, Ulaanbaatar (B/L/D) 
  • After Breakfast travel back to Ulaanbaatar.
  • Lunch on the road.
  • Arrival in Ulaanbatar.
  • Dinner and overnight in the Hotel. 
12. Day: Flight back  
  • After breakfast transfer to the Chingis Khan International Airport.
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